Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Loading the Dice for LEE HSIEN LOONG and LI HONGYI - How LOONG became Prime Minister and LI HONGYI will

Loading the Dice for LEE HSIEN LOONG and LI HONGYI - How LOONG became Prime Minister and LI HONGYI will

All statements are sourced, see links below:

1. First Junior College started for LEE HSIEN LOONG in 1969. (check NJC website for history, link is below)

2. First SAF Overseas Scholarship started for LEE HSIEN LOONG (check PSC)

3. Faints at passing out parade but still promoted to youngest brigadier-general (source:
Far Eastern Economic Review)

4. First general to enter politics

5. Cancer holds him back. Chok Tong consolidates own position, holds PM post for 16 years but still kicked out when at peak of his popularity. LEE HSIEN LOONG becomes Singapore's first sick PM when others who are fit and hearty and similar age like Teo Chee Hean, no chance. LEE HSIEN LOONG health so fragile he does not travel to sell Singapore like Goh Chok Tong did. Lau Lee also afraid for son's health so stays back in cabinet and travels around the world selling Singapore, Lau Goh too must do the same. Both old men work hard so that fragile Lee can be PM.

6. GAFFES that would have killed any other minister's chance to become Prime Minister but not then DPM LEE HSIEN LOONG

a) Calls on innocents who were accused of Marxists (1988) to file police report if they were tortured and promises it will be investigated. They do. Then they are rearrested. LOONG says, "Shows they have not yet been rehabilitated." 

b) Blurts out at forum that Malays are not loyal to Singapore and cannot be trusted in SAF high positions. Country gasps. Father rescues him by saying, This needs to be discussed. Could any other minister have said such a thing and survived LKY harsh judgment.

c) HPL, receives hefty 12% discount from Ong Beng Seng for condo he buys. Father yells to whole country in Parliament, "Think this is a level playing field? GROW UP!" (check Parliament document). Even years later Ong Beng Seng gets multimilliondollar PROFIT guarantee for F1, guaranteed by tax payers who pay 7% GST. 

d) Last election blurts out at Fullerton rally, if more than a few opposition come in, I will fix them. (Does a leopard change its spots?)

1. First SAF soldier to write complaint against SAF procedure to thousands of people and get off scot free.
2. PAP can plan own careers longterm, although they cannot plan road building and HDB flats. So to soften ground for LI HONGYI, his father LOONG and GrandFather LEE first introduce young beauty queen into parliament as NMP, Eunice Olsen. Now introduce 27-year-old Tin Pei Ling (too bad she's a bimbo). Next election, introduce LI HONGYI !!! He'll look good compared to a beauty queen and a twit! 

The cycle begins again. Singapore, did you get the best Prime Minister you could get? even in the current crop, why is TEO CHEE HEAN not Prime Minister? He is only 3 years apart from sickly LOONG. When LI HONGYI enters PAP, who else will be held back to make way for the grandson to inherit the Dragon Chair?

You get only one chance in 5 years to make your voice heard. Do it for your children, for a fair Singapore, not one where we all serve the LEE dynasty!

LEE KUAN YEW'S quote one year after Goh Chok Tong and other young ministers read Father Lee signals and bring Lee Hsien Loong into politics, National Press Club, Washington D. C. 9 October 1985:

"He was so obvious (a candidate), that not to have chosen him would have told me something about the young ministers."
RECIPE to make your son Prime Minister of Singapore (all sources are listed below for your convenience. Please visit them before they are removed by gahmen and National Junior College):

1) START FIRST JUNIOR COLLEGE just in time for your eldest born, Lee Hsien Loong (source 1: NJC website). Make sure local news media do not make the link. 2000 students applied but only 574 were accepted (source 2: NJC website). Guess who was in that first batch? That's right! Who dares deny Lee Kuan Yew's son place in first batch.
LEE HSIEN LOONG graduates as first batch of first junior college in Singapore (source 3: NJC website), which never existed before he was ready for it. NJC is officially opened by none other than Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

2) START FIRST SAF OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP  just in time for your eldest born, Lee Hsien Loong. This scholarship never existed before LEE HSIEN LOOONG was ready for it in 1970 and became the most generous of its time,  (source 4: PSC website hall of fame)

Not enough tax payers money to send him to UK? Throw in President's Scholarship too (source 5: PSC website). So what if someone notices your eldest boy becomes first student in Singapore to get two top scholarships together? Make sure no one comments on this. Sue anybody who does.

3) LEE HSIEN LOONG FAINTS during his passing out parade (source 6: Far Eastern Economic Review). Can he still become a brigadier-general? Why not? Father owns the country. Father has a plan. LEE HSIEN LOONG becomes youngest Brigadier-General in Singapore's history. Can anyone's else son who faints during his passing out parade become a general, let alone fast track it?

 4. FIRST GENERAL to enter Singapore politics.
 5. CANCER treatment holds him back from Prime Minister post, but only for awhile. Becomes Singapore's first sickly Prime Minister.

 6. FATHER repeatedly saves LOONG from serious gaffes.

 7. FATHER AND SON prepare ground for LI HONGYI to take over reins but puttin in young new faces into Parliament, starting with a beauty queen. After that, anything goes right? How bad can LI HONGYI look coming after a beauty queen, EUNICE OLSEN and a twit, TIN PEI LING?

Source 1:  National Junior College. http://www.njc.edu.sg/vTour_history.htm). Text: From 28 October 1968 to 13 November 1968, applications to NJC were open. Rigorous criteria were applied to the selection process. Of the approximately 2000 who applied for a place in the pioneer College, only 574 were successful. These students made up the pioneer batch of NJCians, and are affectionately known as the 69ers.

Source 2: NJC website

Source 3: NJC website

Source 4: http://www.pscscholarships.gov.sg/SCHOLARSHIPS/SAF_Scholarship.htm
The prestigious SAF Overseas Scholarships are only offered to a few outstanding candidates each year
The Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for bright candidates to pursue undergraduate degrees at most universities. They will enjoy full pay and generous allowances while studying

Source 5: Public Service Commission website http://www.pscscholarships.gov.sg/SCHOLARS_SPEAK/HALL+OF+FAME.htm

Source 6: Far Eastern Economic Review. They were sued for other things they said but they were never sued for mentioning that LEE HSIEN LOONG fainted during his passing out parade and still became Brigadier-General.


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